5 Top Tips for a Successful Wedding Day!

Five Top Tips for a Successful Wedding Day (from someone who’s been to a few!) – By Alan Snelling

Hey! It’s Alan here from Alan Snelling Photography, welcome to the Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event Blog!
One of the benefits of being a wedding photographer is I get to see lots of weddings, right from morning preparations through to the evening bash. I’ve  photographed many hundreds of weddings in my career, everything from small intimate affairs, to lavish 200-guest weddings and I thought I’d share with you some of my top tips for ensuring your wedding day is a successful one.


Top Tip #1 – Do what YOU want to do


There’s never a shortage of people at a wedding willing to throw in their list of demands. Keeping everyone happy can be difficult, but my advice is this – it’s what YOU want for your wedding that counts. You can’t please all the people all the time, so don’t twist yourself in knots trying to! It’s your wedding – your rules!


Top Tip #2 – Spend the money where it counts
A client once said to me “everything at a wedding costs a Grand”. Whilst that might be true (and in some cases more than a grand!), spend the budget where you need to. Prioritise your budget on the things that mean most to you –  who says you need to spend £800 on a cake if it’s not important to you?? Do you really need those luxury chair covers when the venue’s chairs on their own look nice enough?? Save money where you need to, don’t scrimp on the important items and you’ll have no regrets after the wedding.


Top Tip #3 – Timing is EVERYTHING!


This is a biggie! Planning your wedding timings properly can have a huge effect on how the day feels for everyone involved. Specifically, the time between the end of your ceremony and the start of your evening meal is crucial. You’ll need to make sure there’s time for the photos you want, time for mingling with your guests and some spare time just in case things run late for some reason. Excluding any travel time, I’d recommend allowing at least 2 hours between the end of the ceremony and start of dinner, so there’s plenty of time for enjoying yourselves too! Which leads nicely on to my next tip…


Top Tip #4 – Don’t be late!
I’ve heard this at just about every wedding I’ve been to: “It’s traditional for the bride to be late”. Whilst it might be ok to be a few minutes late, being seriously late for you own wedding can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the day. It can affect the photos, your evening meal, as well as all the other suppliers you’ve spent money on, and can make your wedding day feel very rushed & stressful. It pays to think about the wedding timings in more detail – specifically:
  • Plan timings carefully for the morning. Check how long it takes for hair & make-up. Know how long it takes to get into your dress and be sure to get ready early enough so you’ve time to spare before leaving for the ceremony.
  • Time the journey to the church/venue and have an alternative route in mind incase the traffic’s bad or roads are closed.
  • Plan-in some spare time just in case something unexpected happens- weddings can be unpredictable!


Top Tip #5 – Take some time out for the two of you
You’ve probably heard people saying how quick their wedding day goes by, and there’s a reason for that – it absolutely FLIES in! Make sure you allow some time during the day to stand back and just take it all in.

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