Top Colour Schemes for Your Wedding in 2016!

Not decided on the colour scheme for your wedding day yet?

Browse these moodboards for a serious fix of style-spiration!

The Academy of Wedding and Event Planning has unveiled its International Wedding Trend Report, revealing the predicted most-popular wedding colours for 2016 weddings. Browse the shades below – our favourite? The fairytale-worthy Lilac Grey. We’re smitten!





Picked as one of Pantone’s two Colours Of The Year for 2016, icy-blue shade Serenity is perfect for a cool, crisp celebration. Easy to work in via your decorations, flowers and fashion choices, it’s understated and yet the height of sophistication. Love!


Rose Quartz



The second of Pantone’s Colours Of The Year, Rose Quartz is the perfect colour for princess brides who adore all things pink! Don’t use it for everything as this can overwhelm; instead, use it for detail pops and finishing touches – and, if you’re really feeling it, opt for a hint-of-rose dress as well.


Snorkel Blue


Perfect for adding some majestic pops of jewel-bright blue to your celebration. Keep it to hints for a more subtle approach; think selective blooms and details on the reception tables.


Peach Echo


Pretty pastels will perpetually be a favourite amongst brides and grooms – and this year will see the rise (and rise!) of dusky peach shades. No longer the ‘magnolia’ of weddings, throwback peach shades are perfect for adding a twist of nostalgic vintage-y style to your day.




Is there any colour more romantic than a punchy scarlet? Keep it strictly to select details rather than over-dosing your day on red – think quality rather than quantity!


Lilac Grey


Dusky, romantic and ever-so ethereal – we’re besotted with this smoky shade. Best of all, the shade is so inoffensive and muted that it can be worked into almost every detail of your W-day. Dreamy, and really rather timeless.




Originally Published on 12th Jan 2016 by Wedding Magazine