Why Have a Photobooth at Your Wedding?

Our Top 3 Reasons why having a Photo Booth is a Necessity for Your Big Day!


Leading up to your wedding, you’re probably thinking ‘I’ve booked a Photographer, even a Videographer, why would I need a photo booth?’ Having a photo booth enables you to take lots of silly photos with friends and family without the hassle of a Photographer. Photo Booths create a more relaxed environment for you to create memories with your loved ones on your special day.


Don’t miss out! Here’s our 3 Main Reasons:


  1. The Selection of Props

Everyone loves a photo booth prop. So much so, you can now buy paper cut out designs from most high street stores! It’s time to get creative and even purchase props of your own. Pose with a moustache, smile with a top hat or even make your guests laugh with a horse mask. Photo Booths also create customised print outs which are great for guestbooks! Create memories with your guests that will last a lifetime.

Create Something Different


  1. A Quirky Backdrop Design

You can design your backdrop to fit in with your wedding theme. We’ve had some fantastic designs from clients, some of them even handmade! From paper birds to sea colours, there are so many options out there to make your photos stand out.

Deer Backdrop

  1. A Unique Printout Design

You can let your creativity run wild! Many couples have designed their own logo for their wedding which really adds a personal touch to their printouts. It also looks great in their guestbook.


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